Dear Scotland, what you actually voted for.

Dear Scotland land of my birth and blood,

Last night on the ballot paper with a sole question, you voted to remain part of the United Kingdom.  What you might not be aware of is that you also voted and agreed to

  • be party to the ongoing privatisation on the NHS.
  • continue to take away social security payments (I cannot and will not call it welfare) from disabled people deemed fit to work by a discredited testing system.  A process which is outsourced to a private company, run badly, yet run for profit at the expense of taxpayers.
  • privitise the prison service.
  • continue to take away social security payment from everyone else too especially those between 16-24.  Because they are all obviously scroungers.
  • follow the example of scrapping free higher education and the creation of tuition fees of up to 9000 pounds per year.
  • approve the increased use and general acceptance of food banks in Scottish society.
  • accept that it’s okay life expectancy in our major cities to be lower than that in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • get your climate change policy from a government full of climate change deniers.
  • fracking.
  • reduce corporate tax rates.
  • be happy with the fact that even more people in the winters to come will have to decide between heating and eating.
  • take Granny and Grampa’s free travel card off them.
  • continue to not bother investing in infrastructure unless you or your business buddies can personally profit from it.
  • not give everyone the same educational opportunities regardless of economic background.
  • continue to give tax breaks to multi-national companies.
  • speed up the process of leaving the EU.
  • keep nuclear weapons.
  • take part in the up and coming operations in Iraq and Syria.  Well it has over 10 years since we started the last one, and 24 years since the first one so it’s about time….And thankfully it will all be paid for with your secured pound. 

Well done.

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